Self-confident, Knowledgeable, Passionate.

What I’ve been doing the past 35+ years makes me happy, so, I’m
rich already :).

I fly fish — I taught myself from YouTube videos, and it’s my greatest meditation.

I wanted to be a horse jockey; I was short, until I wasn’t.

Being able to share anything I have with anyone who needs
something. There are few things that feel so good.

If you want someone to do something, plant a seed, and water
it every now and then; when they think it’s their idea, it will get
done. I don’t need the credit.

Ghost, Outlander, The Old Guard

What I’ve been doing the past 35+ years makes me happy, so, I’m
rich already :).

My children are honestly my greatest achievement. They made me
more accountable, more responsible, more compassionate, more
thoughtful in decision making, gave me immediate direction, goals
and priorities that completely changed; things that weren’t important became important, and things that were important didn’t
matter nearly as much, and overall I became a better me.

“The Richest Man In Babylon.” I walked away with the understanding that I must pay myself first, that a part of all I earn is mine to keep, that I must control my spending, make my savings multiply and
ensure future income.

Rent a houseboat that comes with jet skis and take a 2-4 week cruise
down the Mississippi River, or maybe the Colorado River.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” — John F.

My younger self. Because with the mistakes I’ve made, and the
knowledge and the wisdom I have gathered over all of these years,
I’m betting I could be her most valuable mentor

Always seek to achieve balance in your life. There isn’t any one thing
that deserves so much of your attention that the other areas of your
life suffer because of it.

I wish I could narrow down my interests to a manageable size.

Educate yourself. Don’t be a headline reader and think you know
everything there is to know. Listen more — we have two ears and one
mouth for a reason.

Anyone who stands up for what they believe in because those are the
people who truly make a difference. Doers, those are my heroes.

When I caught my first 3’ bass and it pulled me down the river without a paddle. Just kidding…. I have too many to list.

Not finishing my bucket list, and I need 100 more years to complete it
because there are just so many amazing things to do in the world.

The Big Bang Theory, because I would laugh all day long.