Tax Planning and Preparation

Taxes are quite often the largest expense in retirement. Every dollar you pay in taxes is one less dollar you can spend or pass on to family, friends or charity. Additionally, many retirees need those dollars to make ends meet as well as insuring that their income will last as long as they do.

So why not make sure your Retirement Income Planning includes tax-planning strategies? If you haven’t done this already, it’s time.

It is impossible to eliminate taxes altogether, but you can certainly minimize their impact on your retirement income. You can do this yourself or hire a financial professional specializing in Retirement Income Planning who uses proactive tax planning strategies rather than just tax preparation.

In addition, we work together with our associated tax firm, JTH and Company to offer superior client services and consulting to individuals, professionals and small/mid-size businesses in:

  • tax preparation & planning
  • financial statement preparation
  • budgeting & forecasting
  • estate planning
  • accounting services
  • audit representation
  • business strategy development
  • manual & automated accounting systems
  • business acquisition & disposition services

Ask us how you can receive an analysis of your previous two years tax returns. We can help you with your tax analysis to get you going in the right direction for financial planning. This may very well put money back in your pocket.

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