Retirement Income Planning

One Of The Greatest Unprecedented Challenges Of Our Time Is How To Make Money Last Over Long Retirements

Planning for retirement? Already retired? More then ever before, retirees are dependent upon their investments to generate retirement income.

Retirement Income planning (the orderly and strategically timed distribution of assets in retirement) begins where the accumulation of assets ends. One of the most difficult things for people to change is their “mindset” when moving from an “accumulation phase” to a “distribution phase” when they start thinking about retiring.

Many people continue to hold on to the idea that “how much they earn” on their money
is most important, and it is, if you are young and working and still “accumulating” assets for retirement.

However, “what you earn on your money” is secondary and much less important when you enter retirement.

What is it secondary to, you may ask? The Safety, the Security and the Preservation of the very assets that will generate your income streams for hopefully 30 or 40 years of retirement! Getting financial retirement planning advice can help you to be prepared for the unknown future. If you lose what you have, it cannot generate an income check for you every month and you may find yourself looking for a J.O.B. This is not to say that you can’t continue to do well in retirement. Our goal is to do it with less risk, we strive to do it with less risk.

The Income for Life Model® is an investment strategy with the objective of providing inflation-adjusted income for life. The strategy allocates assets in a manner that places a heavy emphasis on safe and secure streams of income that continue over long periods of time. This is extremely important because Americans are increasingly being forced to rely upon their own retirement savings to create the retirement income they will need. With longevity increasing and interest rates low, creating durable streams of retirement income can be challenging. The Income for Life Model® provides a sound foundation for creating that income.

There are no take backs in poor retirement planning.

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